T 2018 Lake Charlevoix 4/14

Lake Charlevoix Tournament

July 14, 2018

Port Captain: Tim Potter

Port Captain: Joe Rode

(231) 676-3239

(231) 946-8834

Start Time: 1 hour before sunrise ( Sunrise - 06:09)  •  Report in: 09:00 (use cell phones)  •  Lines In: 13:00

Lunch and weigh in: at Ironton ferry boat launch (South end of Lake Charlevoix)

Member: $15  •  Non-member: $25  •  Join TCAS at Tournament: $45

Registration cutoff: July 13th

Eligible fish species: lake trout, steelhead, brown trout, and Atlantic salmon

Each boat must have live jackets in good working order for each angler. Children under the age of 15 are required to wear life jackets when around docks or in boats.

Liability form must be filled out before tournament starts.

TCAS 2018 Rules apply

Angler of the Year fee must be paid in advance of tournament for any
fish caught to be eligible for the contest.