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Protecting, promoting and enhancing sport fishing
in the Great Lakes and connecting waterways.
We're looking forward to seeing you at the June TCAS meeting, we have a good program. Remember TCAS meetings are open to the public, bring a friend enjoy learning about fishing our wonderful Great Lakes and connecting rivers.

June1, 2016 General Membership Meeting
June 4, 2016 Torch Lake Tourney
May 21, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
TCAS Angler of the Year program

 TCAS will implement a TCAS Angler of the Year program. TCAS port captains will provide  club secretary with a copy of the turney report for each event. TCAS Angler of the Year will be awarded to the member with the Big Fish of the Year. Eligible fish are limited to fish caught by a TCAS member in good standing at a TCAS hosted tournament. The award and money will be given at the Christmas Party at the end of the year.  All interested in participating in the contest will pay $15 prior to the first TCAS Tournament of the year. $5 of each entry will go to the club and $10 will go to the winner take all prize. New members will be given an opportunity to join the program prior to their first tournament.

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