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       TCAS 2017 Angler of the Year program

1. Angler of the Year contest is from January 1 through December 1.
2. Participants must be a TCAS member (or spouse/child of member) in good standing.
3. Entry fee is $15 for TCAS members, $10 for spouse/child of member. Entry fee must be
    paid prior to participating in any TCAS tournament for fish to be eligible. $10 of each entry
    fee is prize money. Entry fee must be paid to club secretary at a general meeting or port
    captain PRIOR to participating in the tournament.
4. Fish must be caught at a TCAS tournament. All MI DNR and TCAS tournament rules apply.
    Click here for TCAS Tournament rules.
5. Eligible species include Walleye, Coho, Chinook and Atlantic Salmon, Brown and Lake
    Trout, Cisco, and Steelhead Trout.
6. Fish must be presented for weigh in at tournament weigh in and will be recorded on
    tournament paperwork. Fish must be on tournament paperwork in order to qualify for
    Angler of the Year Prize.
7. Winnings and trophy will be presented at the Annual TCAS Christmas Party.

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